Valkyrie set to receive nerfs ahead of ‘Apex Legends’ championships

Respawn Entertainment has announced that new Apex Legends champion Valkyrie will be getting a nerf soon.

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Apex Legends’ associate live balance designer John Larson revealed on twitter that the character’s tactical hover is only consuming fuel at 10% of the normal planned rate.

Larson explained that with the Apex Legends Global Series Championship 2021 coming up, a nerf to the tactical hover is required. “With ALGS ramping up, we figured we should remove this exception (we found Valks would often take coffee breaks above the final fight in scrims).” said Larson.

The update is expected to go live today (May 27). Recent changes to the game, including a rework to the champion Lifeline went live with the launch of Season Nine, aka Legacy.

Shortly after the launch of Legacy, the Spitfire Light Machine Gun and Bocek Bow were both adjusted slightly, reducing damage on both weapons.  Full Details of both changes are available in the patch notes.

Apex Legends Legacy also introduced a new 3v3 deathmatch mode called Arena, which pits teams against each other in a three versus three deathmatch, with no respawns. Matches are won by the team who reaches three wins — with a two-win margin — first.

After the popularity of the new mode, Respawn Entertainment was required to add a match abandonment penalty, to penalise players who leave the match early. This penalty will be similar to the one that Ranked players receive in BR, preventing players from queuing for a new match for 10 minutes.

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