MONSTA X’s Joohoney says he wants to produce a song for aespa

MONSTA X rapper Joohoney revealed that he would like to produce a song for girl group aespa.

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On the June 8 broadcast of Korean radio show Kim Shin Young’s Hope Song at Noon on radio station MBC FM4U, where MONSTA X members Joohoney, Minhyuk, I.M, Kihyun and Hyungwon featured as special guests, Joohoney was asked by host Kim Shin Young regarding a group he would like to produce songs for.

The rapper quickly responded with rookie girl group aespa, explaining that he has been loving the group’s latest title track ‘Next Level’. “When I first heard the song, I thought ‘Oh, you were trying to write about this feeling’,” said Joohoney. “I’ve been analysing the song, and it’s really good.”

Following his response, host Kim Shin Young requested that he send a message to aespa’s label SM Entertainment. He said, addressed to SM Entertainment: “I’ve been working very hard to produce songs these days, if you need me, please contact me anytime and I’ll come to you.”

Joohoney has written and produced a number of MONSTA X’s tracks, including their latest title track ‘Gambler’. He also has writing and production credits on a number of songs released by his labelmates, including boy group CRAVITY’s 2020 B-side track ‘Jumper’, Boyfriend’s 2017 tracks ‘Star’ and ‘Falling’ and Mad Clown’s Show Me The Money 5 single titled ‘Bad Blood’.

MONSTA X had recently made their first Korean comeback of 2021 with their ninth mini-album ‘One of a Kind’, following ‘Fatal Love’ in 2020. ‘One of a Kind’ features title track ‘Gambler’, alongside Korean versions of Japanese-language single ‘Livin’ It Up’.

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